Easy to do business with
Nordic Stainless aims to bridge the gap between your company and Asia by offering a single point of contact for your Asia sourcing needs and the supply of components on time, at a good price and in the agreed quality.

Savings through partnering

We specialize in Low Cost Country Sourcing in the Asian Emerging Markets in general. We handle all stages of the purchasing process including quality control and full logistic services to provide an integrated solution to our customers.

Experience and dedication
Spending up to 25% of our working days in Asia, being in contact with suppliers every day and having more than 15 years of experience in dealing with Low Cost Country Sourcing, we will be able to find the right supplier for your product.

Combined with Nordic Stainless´ knowledge of cost price optimization, quality control, logistics, supplier management and (not to forget) culture, we will be able to help you develop your business.


It is our aim - in association with our customer - to choose the cooperation
form that makes the most of our joined resources.
Thus, we achieve the optimum result at the lowest costs.

According to whichever gives the optimum partnership, we can carry out parts of the
supply chain process or the full “One-stop-shop” solution.