Standard components

In Nordic Stainless we offer a wide range of flow components such as, unions, ferrules, hose sockets, blinds, heavy duty clamps, bends, tees reducers, pipe-hanger, tank equipment, flanges, ball-valves and threated fittings etc.

All standard components are produced according to international standards and materials which meets the demands of customers from various branches such as food- and beverage industry, the dairy industry and other industries.

OEM components

In Nordic Stainless we offer a various range of customized products made of Stainless steel according to customer drawings.


Materials: (Bar, plate and coil)

  • AISI 304 (1.4301)
  • AISI 304L (1.4307)
  • AISI 316 (1.4401)
  • AISI 316L (1.4404)

Materials: (Casting)

  • CF8
  • CF3
  • CF8M
  • CF3M


  • DIN
  • SMS
  • ISO
  • DS