We want to be the preferred supplier of both standard and OEM stainless steel components from Asia to European customers engaged in the sanitary and industrial industries with a focus on creating value for all partners involved.

Customers prefer us because we are:
  • Experienced in working with foreign suppliers
  • Easy to work with
  • Promise keepers
  • Proactive – quickly spotting new demands and opportunities

To deliver good quality on time at competitive prices.

We provide consistent quality according to customer requirements, on agreed delivery dates and at competitive prices.

We can meet all those needs because we have:
  • A comprehensive Asian supplier network
  • Experience in developing Asian suppliers through respectful dialog
  • Effective tools and experience in determining product cost prices
Company Profile

Nordic Stainless´ aim is to bridge the gap between your company and Asia by offering a single point of contact for your Asia sourcing needs and the supply of components - in agreed quality, on time and at an attractive price.

Your benefits:

  • Favorable prices
  • Reliable quality control
  • Easy handling of orders
  • No currency risk

Savings through partnering